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    Established in 1991 Koslita, UAB is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of household chemicals and cosmetics in Lithuania, managing brands ŪLA, IEVA, JĖGA, LIUKS and others. Koslita develops and manufactures more than 400 different body and hair care, washing and cleaning, disinfestation products, adapted for home and industry use. Currently, the company has 100 employees.

    Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality effective products that are friendly to nature and people. The natural, effective cleaning power determines the popularity of the ŪLA and JĖGA brands.

    The team of professional chemists working in the company's laboratory is constantly improving product recipes. Koslita uses only the most advanced raw materials from well-known manufacturers. During our 30 years of activity, with the help of long-term partners' experience, we develop and manufacture products that are not inferior to the best known brands.

    Taking into account the increasing use of household chemicals on a global scale and the impact of household chemicals on the environment and humans, Koslita UAB develops innovative products - unique in their composition, which do not contain toxic, highly dangerous carcinogenic and body-accumulating substances.

    In our activities, we set high standards for friendliness to the environment and nature, strictly sorting waste, choosing reliable, socially responsible suppliers of raw materials, and giving priority to packaging materials that are easier to recycle. A quality and environmental protection management system (ISO 9001, 14001) has been implemented and certified in the company's activities.

    At the same time, Koslita UAB is a reliable production partner providing packaging, custom production or private label production services. If necessary, we can create and offer an optimal product recipe. For many years, the largest Lithuanian retail chains have chosen Koslita, UAB as their partner.

    In addition to own manufactured products Koslita also supplies and distributed other cleaning products in Lithuania.